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SIMTEQ is a small but growing company with a very motivated and skilled team. Below are a few testimonials from some of our valued employees!

“After completing my training as a commercial pilot, I was offered the opportunity to further develop myself as Project Manager at Simteq. It is a great experience to work with a small and driven team, people with varying capabilities and learning new things every day. Nothing beats joining your skills and qualities with the team to achieve impressive results. At the end of the day, a good simulator is essential to the quality of any commercial pilot”
Celina – Project Manager/Commercial Pilot

“To see a simulator do what you want it to do – that is my source of inspiration at Simteq. For me, nothing equals being able to make an advanced and complex machine work the way you program and design it to. From the weather radar to the landing gear, you just start to appreciate the beauty of it all once you fully comprehend and simulate each component. Programming may seem like a daunting line of work but to me it is just an extra language. The cool thing is that computers speak this language which allows you to do great things. In my spare time, I love playing floorball (unihockey) or go sailing in a ‘skûtsje’, a traditional Frisian sailboat.”
Lauris – Software Engineer

“After having spent some time away from the world of simulation, I came into contact with Simteq two years ago: A young company building flight simulators. I was invited to lead Operations and Finance, which turned out to be a great step for me. Working at Simteq is very technical, forming a team with a close-knit group of people and building Full Flight Simulators. There are very few companies in the world that do this and it is amazing to be able to contribute!”
Steven – CFO & COO

“I’ve been involved in the Simulation industry for about 7 years before I got the offer from Simteq to join the team. Simteq is a rapid developing innovative company, which actively introduces itself in the Simulation market. That is why I joined the team as Systems Engineer. It is always nice to see when your ideas are implemented in such high technology products just one floor below your own working desk!”
Stanislav – System Engineer

“Since the beginning of 2013, I have been working at Simteq as a Project Manager. I am responsible for streamlining the manufacturing process of our simulators, managing both quality and time. With my background in electronics, I am able to manage these projects on the technical side as well. Before joining Simteq, I had a technical job in the television and radio industry for 12 years. Switching to flight simulation was quite a switch and a very enjoyable challenge. In my spare time I don’t fly airplanes but I enjoy riding motorcycles.”
Erik – Project Manager

“I am a 3D drawing engineer at Simteq and I enjoy my job immensely. It is a beautiful thing to see something you draw end up as a physical component right in front of you in a matter of weeks. Short lines like we have at Simteq are very rare and I am very happy that I got the chance to prove myself here. After just two months at Simteq, I was already sent to Russia for measuring and drawing! In my spare time I love playing basketball, running and zipping past daily traffic on my motorcycle.”
Jonathan – Design Engineer

“Since the beginning of 2014, I work as Office Manager at Simteq. I combine the work experience that I gathered over time at various companies with one of my favourite hobbies: cooking! In addition to office administration and management, I was given the task to make the office lunch for an enjoyable, healthy and tasty event where our employees get together and enjoy eachother’s company. This combination and the appreciation of my colleagues make every day at Simteq a great and enjoyable day for me!”
Annelies – Office Manager

“I have always worked in the aviation industry and in flight simulation. Aerospace engineering is my passion and a flight simulator is an excellent way to enjoy this. I travel around the world to put Simteq on the map. Pilot training is a global business, which is why there is a broad market for our products. A flight simulator contains technically advanced components, from mechanical actuators to electronics and software, which require a vast array of expertise. It is great to work in a team where everybody is proud of its products and enjoys coming to work!”
Laurent – CMO

“I was trained as an aerospace engineer but the majority of my work experience was in the area of air distribution engineering, specifically mechanical construction and development. My knowledge of aerodynamics was very beneficial there. Thanks to Simteq, I was able to return to a derivative of my original field of expertise. At Simteq, my main tasks are production planning and mechanical design. Combining electronics, software and small-scale mechanics and room for my own input make this a great job!”
Sander – Design Engineer

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